Benevolence and Xing Company was founded in September 2010, has now developed into a including Shenzhen benevolence and XING Plastic hardware Products Limited Company, Shenzhen beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd., benevolence and XING International plastic Hardware Products Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong Company) set production, design and sales of the group, With a total area of 3000 square meters of the factory and more than 100 employees.

The company has long been engaged in a variety of silicone products production and development and export business, with perfect production equipment and rich experience in design and production.

Main products are: Silicone cloth bags, silicone women's bags, silicone men's bags, silicone 0 wallets, silicone handbags, silicone bags, silicone wallets, silicone bags, silicone key bags, silicone hand bags, silicone cosmetic bags, etc., products are sold to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Yiwu, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Chengdu and other places.

Choose our silicone cloth bag.6 great reasons
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  • Application of silicone tape materials

    Bag material using invention patent support, Practical invention Patent number: 201821255330.5

  • The surface layer has a silicone protective layer

    With this layer of protection, wear resistance is greatly improved. Practical and durable properties are significantly enhanced. High quality

  • Surface Splash Resistant Water

    The surface of the bag is tested by splashing water, which condenses directly into water droplets and then slips and does not seep into the inside of the bag

  • Convenient storage

    Products can be collected and folded up, easy to carry and receive

  • Not easy to deform

    Don't worry about thinking about other material bags like that, after being squeezed and deformed, the tattoo of the product, and unable to recover

  • Easy to clean

    Do not have to worry about the bag cleaning multiple times, resulting in loss of packets, dirty, you can wash directly by hand. Do not damage the bag itself.

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Engaged in a variety of silicone products production and development and export business, with perfect production equipment
  • A

    Extensive experience

    Years of silicone products production and manufacturing experience. Development of silicone tape materials.

  • B

    Proficient in technology and team

    Have experienced technical production team and R & amp; d and design team.

  • C

    Perfect service System

    Quality and after-sales service system control. Have ERP management system, from material purchase, to production, to after-sales a series of monitoring measures.

  • D

    Fully equipped

    Production supporting functions complete. From development, design, mold opening to production. One-stop supply.

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  • Years of factory production experience

  • Experienced production staff

  • Excellent team

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